Argentina, growth or disappearance

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  • "In December 2001 Argentina exploded with fury over the government's handling of the severe economic crisis that gripped the country. The protests that took place on December 19 and 20, which forced President Fernando De la Rua to step down, were primarily sparked by the devaluation of the peso after a decade of parity with the dollar. Since then the country has witnessed skyrocketing unemployment and poverty, but has also seen a resurgence in social consciousness and mobilization. This documentary explains the current crisis from its roots in the drastic neoliberal economic policies implemented in the early 1990s and follows the various movements that have surfaced in response to the situation. These new movements--the 'piquetero' protesters, factory takeovers, community soup kitches, and radical neighborhood associations--may have placed the future of the country back in the citizens' hands"--Distributor's web site.


  • VHS format.
  • In Spanish with English subtitles.
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